5 Reasons You Should Work With Max Bounty CPA Network

Max Bounty is a great CPA Network to work with. If you do not already work with them, then I am going to give you five great reasons why you should. You do not need to take my word for it; the information I am going to give you is echoed by a lot of my colleagues who enjoy great profits from promoting Max Bounty's offers.

So without further ado, I am going to present to you "5 reasons why you should work with Max Bounty."

1. Max Bounty is one of the oldest established CPA Networks – you might be wondering where I am going with this. If you think laterally, you will soon realize this has a lot of relevance. If they were a fly by night company they would not still be around now, would they? Any payment issues would be well documented online, and as far as records show, there are none.

2. They have one of the largest selections of exclusive offers – these are great if you're serious about CPA marketing, as you know that these offers will not be on any other networks, so the potential competition is much lower.

3. Payments are always on time – this is important as if you rely on CPA marketing as your primary source of income (which I advise against – keeping your eggs in one basket and all) then you do not want all of your profit tied up in the networks banks, while you wait till the end of the month to receive it. If you hit a certain criteria (1k a week) you are also able to receive weekly wires. Another great point is all international affiliate payments are available in your local currency. For various reasons this is very appealing.

4. The support offered by Max Bounty is second to none! You could not ask for more, my affiliate manager is available almost 24hrs a day – I can call her on her cell, email or just use AIM to message her during business hours. Any problems you might have will be deal with swiftly.

5. If you're interested in referring other affiliates to Max Bounty then there commission scheme is one of the highest paying in the industry at 5% on all second tier affiliates you introduce to Max Bounty.