Canadian Citizenship Test

Canadian immigrants who wish to obtain Canadian Citizenship have to meet certain requirements of age, permanent residence, language abilities, clean criminal record, knowledge of Canada and others. This article is focused towards helping eligible immigrants prepay and practice for the Canadian citizenship written test.

First thing is to ensure you have all your proper documents in order. You will need to carry the original documents that you submitted with your citizenship application (personal identification, immigration documents, etc.) along with your passport or travel documents relevant to the four year period before your application date.

On the day of the test, an Immigration Officer will check your required documentation. You will be required to complete a form with details likes name, address, work and educational history for the past 5 years. You will then be called on to verify your identity and asked a few questions about your most recent job, if you visited the US, if you left Canada, how many children you have, etc. They may check the stamps in your passport as well, based on your responses. The questions can vary depending on the specifics of your case.

In order to prepare for the citizenship test, it is recommended that you should first read the "Discover Canada" guide which is the official government study guide. This booklet has all the information categorized in various sections to help Canadian immigrants prepare for the citizenship test.

The citizenship test is usually written, however, you may be asked to appear for an interview with a citizenship jurisdiction. Essentially, you will be tested on your knowledge of Canada as well as your fluency in English or French. The test questions are based on various categories as highlighted in the Discover Canada guide like Canada's History, Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, Canada's Geography, Government of Canada, Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities, Canada's Economy and Languages ​​& Symbols.

The citizenship test enterprises of 20 multiple choice questions based on information contained in the Discover Canada study guide. Immigrants have 30 minutes to complete the written citizenship test and have to achieve a 75% score (ie 15 out of 20 questions) to pass.

To ensure you pass the test, it is helpful to take several practice tests before attempting the all important citizenship test. It is highly recommended that you read the Discover Canada guide at least two times. That is, do not solely rely on taking the practice tests.

If you are successful at the citizenship test and the judge concludes that you have met all other citizenship requirements, you will be invited for a swearing-in ceremony to take oath of citizenship. Wishing you all the best!