Directional Helicopter Sound and UAV Shadows for Terrorist Intimidation, Psychological Exploits

Now then, one of the challenges with helicopters flying low looking for insurgents or terrorists is that they can hear the choppers coming, and quickly arm their shoulder launched anti-aircraft missiles. It gives them a heads-up and a warning. But what if we turned the tables on that advantage, and made it a severe disadvantage? Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

What if we did this, what if we used directed sound down to specific homes or hiding places of helicopter noise? And as we did this, what if we were looking at those specific locations to see who jumped out into the alleyway, or went to a rooftop with a shoulder launched surface-to-air missile? This would cause the bad guys to come out of their home or hole so we can have a good look at them, paint them as a target, and eliminate them forthwith.

Now then, you might be against war, and I would not hold that against you, because no one who’s ever been in a war would ever wish to glorify it. It’s a horrible thing that humankind does onto itself. Nevertheless, the insurgents and terrorists that want to kill American troops, or are planning attacks on the American people, or our allies and interests around the world are not necessarily good people, and if they are carrying around a handheld surface-to-air missile system, in essence they are a weapon, and they do mean us ill will.

What I’m saying is this; it’s okay to get the bad guys, before they get you first. Secondly, I’d like to remind you that we have all sorts of cool technologies for directional sound, and this would not be hard to do, and therefore we should. Not only would it provide us a decoy sending sound to where we are not at, allowing us to transverse other areas in safety, but it might also over time cause the enemy to not wish to come out from their hiding place with such weapons in the first place. Either way we win.

How would I go about creating such a technology? I think I would put such systems on small UAV drones with cameras, while larger UAVs were up in the sky over 3000 feet above the ground and out of range of the small surface to air missiles. A Raptor or Predator drone with hellfire missiles could take care of the problem, eliminate those enemies, and that would make us all safer around the globe. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.