Enjoying Nature in London

London is a very well known urban metropolis. But that does not stop the amazing city from providing lots of space for large amount of green areas with the green plants and trees. The wildlife of the city is abundant and it is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. The city is house to more than 300 species of birds and also 1500 species of plants that prosper in the various wild habits of London. There are urban wetlands, chalk grass lands and ancient woodlands which reside within the capital. All this provides plenty of chances making the most out of nature and also for bird watching for tourists. Some of the best nature spots in London are as follows:

1. London Wetland Center:

There are numerous projects of its kind in the world and the first one to come up in the world is the London Wetland Center. It is of more than 40 hectares of wetland habitat. The creation of this involves old reservoirs. Most importantly, this is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The center is filled with a number places where you can see rare and wonderful wetland wildlife from a three story viewing hide.

2. Rainham Marshes:

Rainham Marshes is a nature reserve and it is managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. There are plenty of things to enjoy here including wading birds, flocks of wild ducks, water voles, dragon flies and regular view for all bird watchers. Many rare birds can easily be seen here. It also entertains you with shop, cafe, visitor center and an adventure playground for kids. You can also have so many activities like bird watching talks for beginners and also a bird watchers club for kids.

3. Local Nature Reserves:

The London Wildlife Trust has more 57 nature reserves across Greater London. Most of these can be visited by public people and are great contributions towards the nature of the city.

4. Spotting Rare Animal Species in London:

Every country has a number of rare species. Likewise, there are numerous nationally rare species in London. Bitterns have visited the London Wetland Center and Lee Valley Park normally over the winter season. Each summer carries black redstarts to brown field sites of London. Britain’s largest insect is the stag beetle. It is a scarce insect in many areas of the country but the population keeps increasing in London. German hairy snail, which is said to be a very humble creature, is found on the Walthamstow Marshes and it is also found along the Thames at Isleworth.