Heedful Travel Tips for Tourists Planning Holidays to Hong Kong

A former British colony is one of the most budget friendly destinations in the world. This thriving city offers fanciable cuisines, pulsating shopping and ecstatic sightseeing adventures. The zing of this city bewitches even the most discerning of travelers luring them back again. Predictably, millions plan holidays to experience the enigma of this cosmopolitan. Here are some tips on flights, entry requirements, local laws and health to ensure unperturbed vacations.


Being one of the most popular tourist spots, is not short on in-bound flights. Some of the popular airlines that offer international, Cathay Pacific, KLM, Emirates, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand. Cathay Pacific is flag carrier and is undecidedly one of the favorites when it comes to booking flights to the city.

Those planning holidays to Hong Kong can net cheap flights during the offseason months of March to May. These months generally witness rolling out of great discounts and airfare deals by travel agencies and airlines.

Entry Tips

Visa Requisites

This is a part of the People's Republic of China, it remains a Special Administrative Region with its own immigration controls. Britons planning luxury holidays in Hong Kong can stay there for up to six months without a visa.

Passport Requisites

Passports must be valid for the intended length of the stay. A British Citizen is normally approved six months entry on arrival, but only if the passport's validity is for six months or more. If the passport has less than six months validity, Hong Kong Immigration grants one month longer than the scheduled stay, if the validity of the passport allows this.

Traveling with children

Single parents or guardians accompanying children should be mindful of the fact that some destinations ask for documentary evidence establishing the relationship before allowing them to enter, or in some cases, before authorizing the children to leave. Those looking for comprehensive information on the same can contact relevant authorities in London.

Visits to Mainland China

Britons traveling to Mainland China via Hong Kong must obtain a Chinese visa before hand as British Passport holders are not granted visa on arrival at the Chinese border. Tourists not adhering to this guideline could be fined and possibly eliminated by the Mainland Chinese authorities.

Visitors entering Hong Kong via Mainland China and leaving again via the mainland should be aware that they are required to be in possession of a double or multiple entry visas for Mainland China.

Health Tips

Britons planning luxury holidays to Hong Kong might need to undergo the temperature screening tests at the border. Further medical tests may be connected, depending upon the results of temperature screening tests.

Basic precautions against dengue fever are highly recommended as it is prevalent in travel.

Do seek medical advice before traveling and ensure vaccinations are up-to-date.

Those looking for further information on vaccination requirements, health outbreaks and general disease protection and prevention information can visit the websites of the National Travel Heath Network and Center NaTHNaC and NHS Scotland's Fit for Travel.

Local laws and customs

Acts of littering and spitting may attract on the spot fines. Similarly, there are huge penalties and fines for dodging a ticket for traveling on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR).

Possession of illicic drugs of any sort is a criminal offense and may attract severcies penalties and jail sentences.

Photographers should be mindful of not taking pictures of the military establishments in Travel.