Referring to a Successful Sample CDR – An Important Step For Engineers Wishing to Immigrate

Successful sample CDR – a must for prospective engineering immigrants to Australia.

People from all over the world plan to migrate to developed countries like Australia, Canada, UK and US in search for a better lifestyle and opportunities. To accomplish the same, they have to undergo an immigration process involving various steps at each stage. These steps are meant to judge the suitability of a candidate to qualify for immigration.

One similar requirement for the technical persons to immigrate to Australia is preparing a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). This report has to contain the narratives of any 3 of the projects / career episodes which a candidate has performed in his organization / s for which his engineering skills can be recognized. The candidate qualifies as an Engineer / technical person (according to the Australian standards) if he is able to demonstrate all the required competencies listed by Engineers Australia.

Without any doubt, this is one of the toughest requirement which a person has to meet for achieving his migration goal. There are many brilliant engineers in every field possessing a high level of intelligence and who have made outstanding contributions to their organizations. But to be able to put all those achievements onto paper requires some special skill …. the skill of drafting in the prescribed format and at the same time presenting one's English language proficiency to the Institution. If the CDR lacks in the above mentioned requirements, unfortunately the outcome would be negative and the candidate will have to go through the entire process of preparing and submitting the CDR again. In some cases it can be an outright rejection.

Just imagine the pain and frustration one would have to undergo if the person is fully qualified and capable, has made excellent contributions at his workplace …. but had to face failure / disappointment due to lack of a properly drafted CDR. All the hard work put by the candidate can go to waste. The dreams of migrating and secure an incredible future can blow up in no time!

Therefore, considering the seriousness of the situation …. every effort should be made to make our CDR assessment a success. So, what can be done to increase our chances of success on this extremely important front ?! As a favorable CDR assessment would mean that one of the largest hurdles for achieving a dream lifestyle has been eliminated which in itself is a cause of big celebration!

As Engineers Australia require that the CDR must be prepared by the candidate himself, in this case the best possible scenario would be to refer a CDR which has already been successful in some other applicable case. This approach can give tremendous benefits to the candidate as now he is having a work infront of him with the stamp of approval by Engineers Australia. The sample CDR would give the candidate the knowledge on how to present:

1. The organization's problem and the losses caused due to the same.
2. What steps he took to solve them.
3. How he was the main contributor working in the team.
4. How he was awarded and recognized for his efforts.

Just to emphasize on this point, a CDR preparation CAN NOT be taken lightly as Engineers Australia has strict guidelines for the preparation of the same. And to make sure that a candidate's own CDR meets with these guidelines, the importance of a successful sample CDR can not be ignored !! This approach will certainly magnify the chances of success for a candidate tremendously!

Successful Sample CDRs (for different engineering fields) can be accessed from