Videos – POP Drama UK #3 – Spain – “Hecate on the Border”

Creative Europe’s POP Drama – UK Rehearsed Readings

Reading #3 – “Hecate on the Border” (Hécate y la Frontera) by Samuel Pinazo Arias

Originally chosen by Fundacion CajaGranada, and performed at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, on Monday 21st November 2016.

– connection is now the basis of survival –

“Three women gather at a faceless apartment, recently made redundant from their sales jobs, they’ve grabbed all the stock they can and are planning to use that stock to help others. But who are they helping? And why?”

Directed by Neil Reading

Laura Tipper as Elena
Nadi Kemp-Sayfi as Virginia
Claire Chandler as Ioana
This video is 56:52 long. Some videos may not be available due to the country restrictions.