Videos – THIS IS THE POLICE 2 gameplay: Corrupt Cops Management Sim! (PC, Mac, Switch, Xbox, PS4)

Run a small-town police station any way you can! See how This Is The Police 2 gameplay mixes turn-based strategy, visual novel & resource management.
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In this let’s play This is the Police 2 gameplay video we play the PC version of a game also releasing for Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.

This sequel offers lots of genres mashed together to form a narrative of a small town police chief forced to make compromises and turn a not-so-blind eye to corruption while upholding the law.

See how This is the Police 2 gameplay is based around daily management of your police force – choosing which officers to put on shift based on their personalities and tireness, including what equipment to use. It makes you respond to a stream of events across the day, forcing you to make choices and spread your resources thin.

We also see how it offers turn-based X-Com style strategy scenarios, along with a heavy visual novel element and more, in this let’s play This is the Police 2 gameplay video.

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Official This is the Police 2 gameplay info:

“Interpret the law as you see fit! Run the sheriff’s department, manage your cops, investigate, interrogate, incarcerate, make tough decisions – and try to keep out of prison yourself! – in this story-driven mixture of adventure and strategy, set in a cold border town riven with violence.”

Developed by: Weappy Studio
Version played: (PC)
Formats available: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
This is the Police 2 release date on Steam: Out now.
This is the Police 2 release date on Console: Autumn 2018


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